Laughter is the best remedy to get rid of all kind of stress and depression. Laugh heels all kind issues from life. Laughing is a medicine that gives us not just health but it also gives us a long and joyful life. In the present era, the whole world is in crisis due to coronavirus. In the present pandemic situation every person is feeling depressed due to any issue. Unemployment, economic collapse, lack of medical facility and late salary payments are the biggest issues of this time.

In this pandemic situation where people need some boost to deal with the situation; laughter is the best solution for all depressed and stress people. A laugh can make them relax and some hours of happiness. According to an expert is this pandemic crisis laughter is best to cope with this situation. What else experts say are below:

Strategies to cope with pandemic:

• Leisure time: in leisure hours of the pandemic, be creative and try to create things that make you laugh.

• Love yourself: in coronavirus situation rather curse situation and feel sad; try to make yourself happy. Love yourself and become the best friend of your own.

• Makes you laugh: despite all crises try to fetch out some humour in life. Never give up the ways to laugh. As laughter is the best medicine for all kind of diseases, try to use this medicine.

• Try something new: all restaurants are closed in pandemic crisis. Try to learn some new and delicious recipes and make yourself happy.

• Make a call to friends: make a call to friends and share some old memories with them, it defiantly makes you laugh and you maybe feel happy.

• Listen to music: music is the best solution for all kind of depression. In depression or anxiety good music, makes the human feel relax and happy.

• Read the book: a good book makes human relax and laugh. In a pandemic, crisis tries to read a good book according to your choice.

• Watch comedians online: watch comedians online in this situation. A good comedian can make you feel relax and give you some laughers. Watch any good and authentic comedian.

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Depression and anxiety become more common in society due to pandemic and in this critical situation, Tahir BILGIC and its companions are ready to make people laugh. Stand up comedians’ platform knows the critical situation of pandemic and love to make people laugh for few minutes, so they can get rid of all kind of anxiety, depression, insomnia and other mental and physical health issues.