When it comes to plastic it gives you numbers of bacteria which lead illness and necessaries disease and the biggest reason of the global warming because they are not reusable and recyclable every year number of people died because of the plastic bag. After all, the chemical which is used to make the plastic bag and use of the plastic bag contains lots of germs and bacteria which you would easily take a life of humans and animals too. 

Reliability of the reusable bags

When it comes to reliability no one can rely on the plastic bag because it will get damaged on the spot if you put heavyweight in it so there is no use of having a plastic bag which increase the pollution and reason of the global warming whereas reusable bags are the most reliable and you trust on it because no matter how heavyweight you put (according to its capacity) it will never break your trust and give maximum advantage of it through its durability and reliability.

Better for wildlife 

Animals are more sensitive than humans at times humans can get rid of plastic bags but how animals can get rid of it the only way to save the animals and away from the plastic bag is not to use plastic bags so you don’t need to through it away as garbage. Most of the people through the garbage in the plastic bag and they don’t even care where they are throwing it and animals have to bear it by giving up their life if you are a person who loves animals or you have humanity you stop using a plastic bag and instead of plastic bag start using reusable bag.

Repurpose for many uses 

Reusable bags can be used for almost every purpose, not just only grocery but almost everything even if you are going on a trip you can keep all your snacks in it and if you are going on a long vacation you can keep your dirty clothes on it to keep the clothes clean. For example, you are going on a beach with you family and you are carry reusable bag where you keep all the snacks for your kids and when you are done with the swimming and change the clothes now the question is where you keep the wet clothes if you direct keep the wet clothes in a car your car seat get wet and start stinking in that case you can keep the wet clothes in the reusable bag in which you kept the snacks that is how you can use your reusable bags for different purpose.


Albury enviro bags is the Australian based company who makes the reusable bags, corn starch bags and hemp backpack for the people convince and to make this world a better place for humans and animals too.