Travertine is a specific type of tile that is considered to be a type of limestone and is used as a flooring material. It is commonly seen in earth tone colors such as beige, rust, browns and tones of tans. If you are wondering whether you should be getting these tiles for your house, we are here to make your decision process easier by letting you know of the pros and cons of these tiles. Let’s find out what are these.


  1. Stylish

One of the reasons why you should opt for travertine tiles is the fact that they are highly styles and looks really classy when installed. Since these tiles are considered as one of the oldest type of materials, they are known to provide you with results of prestige and sense of age environment.

  1. Durable

Another factor that is important when purchasing tiles is to look for options that are durable and long lasting. Such is the case with travertine tiles where they are so strong that if anything is dropped over it than it won’t cause any such damage and neither result in breaking or causing scratches.

  1. Repair

The best part about this particular tile is the fact that if by chance the tile breaks, they are easily removed and replaced and can also be repaired as well. However, it is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that they keep a few extra tiles in order to save themselves from any hassle.


  1. Maintenance

The maintenance aspect is a bit tricky when it comes to travertine tiles. Even though these tiles are considered to be solid and tough, they have the ability of spills to get inside which may damage the look and seep into the tile material. To overcome this issue, you may have to apply a penetrating sealer which can act as a shield.

  1. Heavy

Travertine tiles are quite heavy when it comes to weight which makes them quiet steady and durable as well. However, with that being mentioned, the heavy aspect makes these tiles a bit difficult to be installed which also increase the installation time as compared to other regular tiles. If you are planning to install these tiles, make sure the structure of your house is made well enough where you don’t have to worry about these tiles being installed.

  1. Expensive

Lastly, what makes these tiles probably a second option for a lot of people is the fact that these tiles are relatively expensive in terms of price. Clearly, this option is ideal for those that do not have budget constraints and really want a high end finishing look for their house. Click here for more info on tiles in Sydney.