Jimmy Kimmel Admits He’s a ‘Ball of Anxiety’ About Hosting the 2017 Oscars

Jimmy Kimmel is hosting the Oscars this year — and understandably, the pressure is keeping him up at night.

“I’m a ball of anxiety — I don’t get excited for anything other than fishing but I want to do a good job and as a result of that, I think about it all the time,” Kimmel told TheWrap after a taping of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Tuesday. “I dreamt about it all night on Saturday night which was not good, it was more of a nightmare than anything. I’ve been thinking about it a lot.”

The late-night talk show host also said that his fear of failing on Hollywood’s biggest night in front of its brightest stars keeps him from procrastinating about what he’s going to say. However, writing of the opening monologue Kimmel’s  first time hosting the big show is far from finished.

“I won’t be done with that until probably 4:15 [p.m.] on Oscar Sunday,” he joked. “I make changes right up to the last second, depending on how I feel in that moment.”

One thing Kimmel can promise for this year’s Oscars is that his mom won’t cook for the audience, after she was enlisted to make thousands of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at the Emmys last year.

“I’m going to give my mother the night off,” he said.

When asked whether anything is taboo or what he needs to be particularly sensitive about while hosting this year, Kimmel admitted that sensitivity is not his “strong suit.” (Recall his introduction of Bill Cosby at his last hosting gig.)

“People didn’t know what to do!” he said, laughing. “They were frozen — they were used to clapping but people didn’t know what to do. It was fun — I was watching from backstage to see what everyone’s reaction was.”

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