College Students Dress as Princesses to Visit Sick Kids

These college students may not be actual Disney princesses, but the sick children whom they visit believe otherwise.

A Moment In Magic is a nonprofit made up of 40 college student volunteers who dress up as famous female protagonists and raise the spirits of pediatric ward patients. Since they started in 2015, the group has visited over 5,000 children.

Kylee McGrane got the idea for the project when she was watching Frozen as a sophomore on winter break with her family. She noticed that her and her friend Maggie McAndrew bore a striking resemblance to the movie’s lead characters Anna and Elsa. That’s when they figured they could fulfill their passion for helping people by impersonating the beloved Disney heroes.

The foundation, since they’re currently only based at the College of Mount Saint Vincent in the Bronx, New York, is working on expanding the outreach work to other colleges and states, as well as recruiting more volunteers.

“We’ve never said no to a visit, so any time a parent or a patient or a hospital reaches out to us, we do whatever we can to make it happen, whether it’s an in-person visit or a Skype visit,”  McGrane told TODAY Parents. “So to be adopted by other colleges and have other chapters is our dream — so that any kid anywhere in the country can experience an in-person visit from a princess if they ask.”

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